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Underground Vehicle - BTI develops pope handler for LP12 Platform

BTI have know reconfigured their well regarded pipe handling system onto their state of the art LP12 all Hydraulic Wheel Drive (HWD) platform. The LP12 HWD platform gives mine operators the following benefits;

  • Reduced Tyre wear from hydaulic traction control system pushing torque where it is required.
  • Reduced fuel usage (upto 35%) from smaller vent rate through use of HWD.
  • Elimination of service braking costs through the Hydraulic wheel braking.
  • Elimination of driveline, transmission and torque converter meaning machine is easier and less costly to work on.

Apart from the industry leading savings in performance the LP12 platform also comes with the must have cabin features ROPS/FOPS, Air Conditioning and forward facing t-back seating. The pipe handling module provides maximum versatility and comes with the following features:


7 ft (2.13 m) wide X 16 ft long deck (4.88 m), 6,000 lb (2,721kg) capacity bare.
Non-skid steel checker plating floor.
42" (1.1 m) high removable handrails c/w 6" (152 mm) high kick plate at bottom of rail.
Telescopic ladder assembly Qty. 2, 46 in (1168 mm) stroke stabilizers tube-in-tube construction on engine end for levelling vehicle on ramp.
Qty. 2, 17 in (432 mm) stroke stabilizers tube-in-tube construction on implement end.
Qty, 2 Pipe Jack Assemblies to lift and position 6 in (170 mm) schedule 80 pipe X 20 ft (6 m) long. Pipe jacks have hydraulic clamp feature, X and Y plane motion plus jack extend. Each jack is individually controlled for accurate positioning of pipe.
HIAB Model 033T-3 Crane, 31.7 kNm (3.2 tm) Capacity Class;

  • 5082 lb (2310 kg) Lifting Capacity @ 4.6 ft (1.4 m)
  • 2926 lb (1330 kg) Lifting Capacity @ 7.9 ft (2.4 m)
  • 1936 lb (880 kg) Lifting Capacity @ 11.9 ft (3.6 m)
  • 1474 lb (670 kg) Lifting Capacity @ 15.7 ft (4.8 m)
  • 1144 lb (520 kg) Lifting Capacity @ 19.7 ft (6.0 m)
  • 2 stage hydraulic extension
  • Additional 1 stage manual extension
  • 330 degree rotation

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