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Mine Runner to launch in Australia with added features

The results are in, the BTI Mine Runner all purpose mine vehicle has been roundly endorsed by Australian Mine sites looking for further efficiency and versatility from their light vehicle fleet.

Results from an industry survey and pre-release discussions have widely supported the introduction of the unit sighting its payload capacity (1,818kg), lower maintenance costs, reduced fuel usage, increased life-cycle (5-years +) and operational flexibility as key elements ingredients in its appeal.
National Product Manager John Williams says, "Initial feedback, has so far highlighted some additional features that would be nice to have. We've listened to that feedback and been able to adjust the specification or add as an option to the offer".

Those changes Include:

  • Right Hand Drive
  • Collision Avoidance Systems
  • ROPS / FOPS Personnel Carrier with Forward Facing Seats
  • Zero Risk - Trial Period Finance Option
  • Integrability with Special Service Options - like Scissor lifts, Ambulance & Expolsive Transport etc.

The first Minerunner is expected to be in Australia in Q3 of 2015. It has been extensively tested in mines in Canada close to the BTI manufacturing facility in Thornbury Ontario and was globally launched at Conexpo 2014. The Minerunner and its unique blend of additional capability and reduced lifecyle cost has been warmly received as the Australian mining industry slows of the back of the Mining Investment boom and the requirement for productivity increases.

Zero-Risk Finance Option

Due to many mines capital expenditure budgets being constrained Astec has have pulled together a Zero-Risk finance option that will see approved mines capable of setting up the Minerunner on a operational lease over the life of the unit (5-years) for a similar cost of what their current light vehicles are costing them on their P&L. Added to this they get all the operational freedom the Minerunner brings, plus its reduced lifecycle cost and lower fuel costs. Also, to assist in removing any doubt, we will be offering a hand-back option after 12-months.

Field Days

Once the first Minerunner is received around Q3 2015 Astec Australia will be looking at establishing Field trial days and mine site trials for interested mines. The field day is looking at being held in Brisbane. Those interested in attending should contact:

John Williams - National Product Manager BTI

0419 968 886

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