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    The TF Mini-Line® Grade and Slope Control System uses ultrasonic grade sensors to constantly measure the distance to a chosen reference, such as the ground or a curb. Relative to the measured distance to this reference, the system automatically regulates the tow point of the asphalt paver to maintain mat thickness with millimeter precision. Combined with a slope sensor, it maintains the desired slope or simply monitors the slope resulting from the grade regulation.

    Just set the reference level, enter AUTO and this systems keeps it there. Any necessary adjustments while paving can be made with the touch of a button.

  • beam


    The TF Averaging Beam with a Mini-Line® Grade & Slope Control System offers ultimate smoothness.

    By averaging the measurements of up to six ultrasonic grade sensors on an SUPER Averaging Beam you get a very smooth road surface, even without the existence of a good reference.

    Extending up to 13m / 40ft, the SUPER Averaging Beam has a long sensing span, ensuring a large averaging effect. It includes top-of-the-line features such as integrated lights and cabling and a flexible hinge for placing the rear sensor over the paved mat. The specialized high-stability profile keep vibrations at a minimum.

  • flow


    With the TF AC700 Material Control you create a controlled HMA flow path, so that quality and texture of the mat is the same the full width of the screed.

    The AC700 comes in two basic versions – a Material Controller operated directly from the unit, and a Material Sensor operated from the asphalt paver. It exist in a variety of types to fit the specific output of different types of asphalt pavers. Which version and type you need depend on the requirement of the asphalt paver.

  • joint


    The TF Joint Heater is an infrared propane-butane gas burner. Mounted just in front of the screed on the asphalt paver and connected to an appropriate gas source, the Joint Heater will effectively preheat the edge of the previously laid cold lane just prior to placing the new hot lane next to it.

    The Joint Heater contains four to ten burner heads in stainless steel and an electronic ignition system that will open the gas flow and ignite the gas in the burners when power is applied to the circuit.

  • monitor


    Register and monitor key quality parameters for total quality control of the paving process.

    With the TF MatManager™ you can keep track of your workflow and material use throughout the paving job with real-time measurements to ensure you are on target and eliminate material overruns. Document how many tons you have put down per M2 paved and monitor load temperatures to prevent mat segregation.

    Export all the logged data to your client to validate that you have met road specifications.

  • temperature


    A TF Temperature Controller monitors and controls the temperature of the material via a Pt-100 temperature sensor. An FCE60 Ignition Box controls the gas flow and ignition to maintain the set temperature and monitors the flame with an electrode. Upon ignition failure the FCE60 Ignition Box closes the gas valve to prevent gas seepage.

    The Temperature Control Systems are suitable for any road machinery with gas burners, including pavers, asphalt containers/hot boxes, sprayers, crack sealers and road marking equipment. The systems come in a variety of configurations, for both single or multiburner gas systems, with three different Temperature Controllers available to match different machinery requirements.

    It is also possible to configure the system as a simple Ignition Control System with automatic control and monitoring of the gas ignition only, without the temperature control funtionality (excl. temperature controller and sensor).



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