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    Asphalt Storage Tanks

    The Heatec asphalt storage tanks are designed for storing liquid asphalt cement and PMA (Polymer Modified Asphalt). They are used mainly at hot mix asphalt plants, asphalt terminals, and asphalt roofing plants. They have evolved to a high level of perfection over the many years that they have made them.

    Additive Tanks

    Additive storage tank heated by hot oil. It is uninsulated. Its vertical configuration provides a small footprint. Heatec make a variety of tanks for storage of liquid additives used for road construction. They vary in storage capacity. They may be either vertical or horizontal, heated or unheated, insulated or uninsulated, portable or non-portable, etc. Heating may be either by pipe coils with hot oil or by electric heating elements.

    Fuel Storage Tanks

    Heatec make a wide variety of fuel storage tanks. Capacities range up to 25,000 gallons. The tanks are available in a variety of configurations: vertical, horizontal, skid-mounted, portable, split compartments, with or without double containment. Many options are available, including a hot oil heater, insulation, a fuel preheater, pumps, filters, gauge boards, level sensors, etc.

  • hmastoragesilos


    Guaranteed Storage.

    Astec silos store mix for four days* without loss of mix quality. That's true storage. And we guarantee it in writing.

    Use the silos as a conventional surge bin during the busy time of day. At day's end avoid time-consuming start/stop operations and begin filling silos while continuing loadout. The next work-day, begin selling mix right away from full silos. Nobody has to wait for mix. Uninterrupted production runs allow you to maximize equipment efficiency and reduce material waste. Incorporate multiple silos in your plant layout and you will be ready to meet customer needs for a number of different mixes. That's how Astec storage silos reduce operating costs and improve plant operating-efficiency.

    • Guaranteed four-day storage.
    • Reduce operating costs and improve plant operating-efficiency.
    • Ships complete with drag conveyors, traverse conveyors and batchers.
    • Bucket elevators available.
    • Standard design is to Seismic Zone IIA conditions and 150 miles per hour wind velocity.
    • Structural engineering staff designs foundations based on soil conditions at site.
  • dillmanstorage


    Dillman Overnight Silos for Asphalt Facilities.

    Maximize production capabilities and reduce segregation with an advanced silo system from Dillman. Engineered for maximum performance and manufactured for years of reliable service, a Dillman Silo System is built to provide the highest efficiency at the lowest possible cost. These silos are stacked with features not found on competitive equipment; the Dillman Silo System is engineered and manufactured to withstand today’s high production requirements.

    System capacities from 100 ton single bins to 3,000 ton multiple bin systems. Custom arrangements can be configured for your requirements.

  • selferectingbins


    The highly portable Astec Self-Erecting Bin (SEB) self-erects in less than 15 minutes. Astec designed the SEB for its portable hot mix plants. The super functional SEB package combines several operations into a single unit: drag conveying, batching, surge/short term storage, truck loading and weighing.

    • SEB is one truck load.
    • Built-in running gear with airbag suspensions make moving easy.
    • Hydraulic cylinders raise the portable unit into place.
    • The SEB comes with a built-in, steel truck-loading platform for setup on level compacted soil.
    • No concrete foundations required.
    • Astec technology assures trouble-free operation and simplified maintenance of the entire system.
  • additivesystems


    Silos for dry additive are used for mineral filler, dust or lime in drum mix plants or batch plants. The silos comes in six different sizes, from 350 to 900 BBL capacity. Options include leg extensions, baghouses, self-erect and portability packages. Liquid additive systems are also offered. They are skid mounted and come complete with system controls, pumps valves and hot oil coils for materials that require heat. Liquid systems come in either 1,000 or 2,000 gallon size.



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