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  • vpac


    ASTEC's patented V-Pac™ Stack Temperature Control System allows the operator to set an optimum stack temperature for a particular mix. This system maximizes the amount of energy that goes into the mix rather than being wasted out of the stack. The system's "v-flights," unique drum flights with a deep v-shape, and its use of variable frequency drives (VFDs), which provide control of the drum rotational speed, are keys to the control system managing an asphalt plant's exhaust gas temperature and increasing thermal efficiency.

  • warmmix


    Warm Mix Systems for Continuous Mix and Batch Plants.

    The benefits of warm mix asphalt such as reduced energy consumption, lowered emissions, and elimination of visible smoke are well-known in the asphalt paving industry. Warm mix technology allows mix to be prepared and placed at lower temperatures, typically 50°F to 100°F lower than conventional hot mix. To achieve this, the viscosity of the asphalt cement (AC) must remain low at the reduced temperatures. Maintaining a low viscosity at lower temperatures allows mix to flow freely through storage, transfer and placement equipment and is more easily worked by hand.

    Unfortunately, many technologies for warm mix production rely on additives, special asphalt cement, special procedures and/or special AC delivery systems to achieve low viscosities at low temperatures. The additives are expensive and add significant cost per ton of mix. Astec warm mix systems eliminate the need for expensive additives and special asphalt cement by mixing a small amount of water into the AC to create microscopic bubbles. These small bubbles act to reduce the viscosity of the AC coating on the rock allowing the mix to be handled and worked at lower temperatures.

    Water is delivered to the system using a positive displacement piston pump capable of accurately metering water into the system. Using feedback controls, pump speed is modulated to maintain the appropriate flow of water based upon the flow of AC. PLC controls provide for smooth and consistent water flow as production rates increase or decrease.

    Water is injected into the liquid AC through a series of all stainless steel injectors located above corresponding foaming chambers. AC flows through the foaming chambers where water and AC are thoroughly mixed to produce mechanically foamed AC.

    A skid-mounted corrosion-free water reservoir is provided with an automatic filling valve. If supply water is lost, a low-water alarm alerts plant personnel so the problem may be resolved quickly without wasting mix.

    Astec can retrofit warm mix systems to continuous mix and batch plants from any manufacturer, bringing the benefits of the Astec warm mix system to all asphalt pavement plant configurations.

  • doublerap


    The Double RAP Dryer/Mixer for Hot Mix Asphalt Plants.

    The Double RAP dryer separates the drying process from the mixing process, thereby providing a very reliable plant to be used for the purpose of recycling reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP). The concept allows for RAP to be pre-conditioned through the external part of the Double RAP dryer, flashing off moisture in the drum, thus eliminating the problems associated with scavenger systems.

    With a Double RAP dryer the virgin aggregate passes through the inner drum and the RAP and baghouse fines are introduced into the outer drum where it is mixed with the already-heated virgin aggregate. As the RAP's AC softens, the baghouse fines evenly coat the RAP. The liquid AC is not added at this point. Instead, the aggregate, fines, and RAP mixture passes out of the Double RAP dryer and moves into a mixing chamber (which can either be a pugmill or rotary mixer). This is where the liquid AC is added.

    • The plant can process HMA mixes with up to 40% RAP content while maintaining zero opacity at the stack.
    • The liquid AC only enters at the mixing chamber, so virtually no build-up is produced in the dryer.
    • The hottest part of the drum is surrounded with the insulated mixing chamber, thereby providing the benefit of energy savings.
    • The producer has a choice of using either a rotary mixer (for large, abrasive aggregates) or a twin-shaft pugmill (which offers both compact size and efficient operation).
  • doublebarrell


    Combination Aggregate Dryer/Drum Mixer.

    Astec brings you the Double Barrel dryer/drum mixer, the mixer of choice over any other. The Double Barrel dryer/ drum mixer combines the latest in hot mix technology with other great Astec features. Get guaranteed productivity and top quality mixes while keeping operating costs per ton of mix low and meeting the most stringent environmental codes. Stationary, relocatable and portable versions all perform to the same high standards.

    Available In Three Styles.

    Need the quick setup and mobility of a portable plant, or the flexibility and operating capacity of a stationary? Maybe the best of both? Astec gives you the freedom to design a hot mix facility to your precise needs. The Double Barrel dryer/drum mixer can be configured for the three styles of Astec asphalt plants: stationary, relocatable and portable.

    • The Double Barrel's unique design uses the entire drum for production of RAP to 50%.
    • Sequential mixing allows better temperature equalization throughout the mix.
    • Astec patented V-flights for veiling of material over a wide range of tonnages.
    • Virgin aggregate temperature is measured to automatically adjusting the burner.
    • RAP, bitumen (AC), and fines enter without contact to the dryer flame.
    • RAP enters the mixing sequence first where it contacts the super heated virgin materials Fines are introduced to the mixing process last for proper coating.
    • Adjustable mixing paddles for flexibility.
    • Self cleaning drum reduces buildup in the mixing chamber.
    • Hydraulic door provides safe access to the outer mixing chamber from the ground.
    • The outer chamber is lined with insulation to capture heat from the drying process.
    • Chain or trunnion drive configurations are available.
    • Compatible with the Astec Green Pac warm mix systems.



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